Plugin Development

ClipBucket was inspired by Wordpress For the Development however its not as efficient as Wordpress, we will try to get things done vial available options

Good news is Vodlix & ClipBucket share the same Core for the Plugins

Folder Strucuture

- plugins
    |- plugin_name.php
    |- plugin_name_install.php //Call when plugin is about to install
    |- plugin_name_uninstall.php //Caled when plugin is about to uninstall


- plugins

Plugin Meta

Just like wordpress, you have mention the plugin detail at the top in comments just as shown below

	Plugin Name: Global announcement
	Description: This will let you post a global announcement on your website
	Author: Arslan Hassan
	ClipBucket Version: 1.8
	Plugin Version: 1.0

Plugin Installation Script

This is pure PHP Script, nothing fancy, we usually just call DB Queries in it. e.g

//Creating Table for anncoument if not exists
function install_global_announcement()
	global $db;
	'CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS '.tbl("global_announcement").' (
	  `announcement` text NOT NULL
	//inserting new announcment
	$db->Execute("INSERT INTO  ".tbl('global_announcement')." (announcement) VALUES ('')");

//This will first check if plugin is installed or not, if not this function will install the plugin details

Plugin Uninstall Script

//Function used to uninstall Plugin
function un_install_global_announcement()
    global $db;
        'DROP TABLE '.tbl("global_announcement").''


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