{lang }function is basically used to display phrases such as User doesnt exist. It helps make Clip Bucket Multilingual.


{lang code='var_code'}


Example 1

{lang code='usr_exist_err'}

Above code will print ‘User doesnot Exist’.

Example 2

There are some phrases which uses ‘sprint_f‘ modifier to assign values on-fly. With these phrases lang function is used a little differently.

{lang code="user_commented_time"}

This will print ‘%s commented %s’. This makes no sense. So we will assign this value to a variable.

{lang code="user_commented_time" assign="comment_string"}

Now it is stored in variable called {$comment_string}. We will now use ‘sprintf’ modifier to assign values one by one.

{$comment_string|sprintf:'':'Username','3 weeks ago'}

This will print: Username commented 3 weeks ago.

Complete list of phrases with respective codes can be found here

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