User Levels & Permissions

Functions Used

  • User Levels

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  • User Permissions

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Levels — userquery.class.php

  • get_levels()

  • get_levels_details()

  • get_level_users()

  • get_level_permissions()

  • add_user_level()

  • update_user_level()

  • delete_user_level()

  • level_type_exists

Permissions — userquery.class.php

  • add_new_permission()

  • permission_exists()

  • get_permissions()

  • remove_permission()

  • perm_check()

General Purpose

  • has_access() — functions.php

User Levels

User levels are used to group users in different levels ie. Administrators, Moderators, Registered users etc.

ClipBucket has 5 Default Levels that cannot be deleted but you can edit them

  1. Administrator

  2. Registered User

  3. Inactive User

  4. Gues

  5. Global Moderator

as their names define, they are generatl purpose use, any inactive user will have “Inactive leve”, gues will have “Guest” , admin will have “Administrator” and so on..

Eeach Level has its own permissions that can be added, edit or delete from admin panel. You can assign users 1 level at one time and he can access different areas of your website if his level has permission to access the page, Levels are Linked with permissions as showed in following diagram

Levels and Permissions Relation Diagram

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