Files Structure

File structure

We have a very easy file structuring. It was designed to have an easy access. Unlike the typical MVP approach we followed somewhat inspired by Wordpress.

So when you download ClipBucket you will the structure as follow.

- do_not_upload
- upload

/do_not_upload directory

This directory has just one file - in case you lose your password as admin, you can upload this file to recover it.

/upload directory

Where all the source code is present, the name is somewhat confusing, its because it was written in the days when you simply upload the files, so we created a folder named 'upload' so that users understands which content are required to upload.

Its the ROOT of our software...actually.

Folders in the upload directory are as follows

- actions
- admin_area
- ajax
- api
- cache
- cb_install
- files
- images
- includes
- js
- player
- plugins
- styles


It has basic files which are called when file upload request is made and when conversion request is asked for. For Vodlix, It has a different purpose


This has all the files related to Administration panel, it's authentication is done by including the config file. It loads PHP file and then renders a template from style within this directory


it has the PHP files for Ajax Requests


It has an absolutely nonsense Api files, please avoid it, we will write them in future.


Smarty Template engine Cache, by default its off


ClopBucket Installation instructions are written here


uploaded videos files are stored here


uploaded images that is not related to the videos are uploaded here


all the methods & classes are written in this folder so this is where you are going to spend most of your time


javascript libraries and code


Comes with video Js, this holds folders of each player, new player can be added and later selected through admin area


Plugins directory


Themes and template directory

PHP & .htaccess files


the magic file for apache


loaded when permission is denied via htaccess


when a wrong URL is hit


file that you alwasy ignore, it simply tells you about our attribute assurances license and whos the daddy


for User activation


When videos are added to the group, this page is loaded


for user ajax requests, yes we also have a folder that holds a group of ajax files, we didnt have teh API written so we went for the cheap mode


for load the captcha, not really good but ... works


list user profiles, we call them channels


List Collections, that are basically advance playlists. you can even create sub collections


Loads a contact page with a contact form..yep.


To create a new group


for downloading a video file


for downloading a photo


for editing user profile details from front end


to edit group details


to edit photo information


to edit video information




to recover forget password and username


list groups


the main file


for adding members via invitiation




to manage a collection for user


manage conctacts for user


manage groups for user


manage photos for user


manage playlists for user


user videos manager


load a module, thats used via Plugin


load my account details for user


for SEO open search


package json thats never used


to upload photos


list photos


loads privacy policy page


for messaging




for RSS feed, MRSS supported


search results


for creating new accounts for end users




to upload a video


to upload a thumb for a video


list user collections


list user contacts


list user photos


list user videos


list all videos


Basically a user profile lis


view collection details


show group details


list group members


View group videos


View group items


list a page with details created through backend


view a playlist


view a group topic


view video details

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