Function : add_admin_menu File : includes/plugins.functions.php Since : 2.x

This function used to add links admin area. When you create or develop a plugin you must point links to access or configure plugin pages, in order to make it easier we have created system, an easy system so you can write files dedicated to admin area only. Please read Add Plugin Pages For Admin Area.


function add_admin_menu($header=’Tool Box’,$name,$link,$plug_folder=false,$is_player_file=false)


  • ClipBucket->AdminMenu


To create menu in admin area, we will simply pass links to an array $Cbucket->AdminMenu and then we create a loop in admin area html files to render the links accordingly, there are too many functions involved and we will try to document them all one by one


this code

add_admin_menu("Audio","Audio Configuration",'audio_configurations.php','cb_audio/back_end/');
add_admin_menu("Audio","Audio Manager",'audio_manager.php','cb_audio/back_end/');
add_admin_menu("Audio","Manage Categories",'audio_categories.php','cb_audio/back_end/');
add_admin_menu("Audio","Flagged Audios",'flagged_audios.php','cb_audio/back_end/');
add_admin_menu("Audio","Inactive Audios",'audio_manager.php&search=search&active=no','cb_audio/back_end/');

will generate something like this

Final view of admin menu

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